Tampa Bay Latin Film Festival

Special Screening of Cuban Classic

Los Sobrevivientes


We're pleased to present  "Los Sobrevivientes" (1979)  by renowned Cuban film director Tomas Gutierrez Alea on October 21, 2018.  The film has ​been preserved by the Academy Film Archive and ICAIC (the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria CInematograficos.)  Tomas Alea is perhaps best known in the United States for his film, "Strawberry and Chocolate," nominated for an Academy Award. ​Los Sobrevivientes  ​competed for the prestigious Palme d'Or in 1979.  

Mario Garcia Joya, the film's cinematographer, will be present at the screening as well as actress Yvonne Lopez Arenal,  who appeared in Alea's film Cartas del Parque .  


Tomás Gutiérrez Alea was a renowned, award winning Cuban filmmaker. He wrote and directed more than 20 features, documentaries, and short films, which are known for his sharp insight into post-Revolutionary Cuba, and possess a delicate balance between dedication to the revolution and criticism of the social, economic, and political conditions of the country.

Gutiérrez's work is representative of a cinematic movement occurring in the 1960s and 1970s known collectively as the New Latin American Cinema. This collective movement, also referred to by various writers by specific names such as “Third Cinema”, “Cine Libre”, and “Imperfect Cinema,” was concerned largely with the problems of neocolonialism and cultural identity. The movement rejected both the commercial perfection of the Hollywood style, and the auteur-oriented European art cinema, for a cinema created as a tool for political and social change. 

Due not in a small part to the filmmakers’ lack of resources, aesthetic was of secondary importance to cinema’s social function. The movement's main goal was to create films in which the viewer became an active, self-aware participant in the discourse of the film. Viewers were presented with an analysis of a current problem within society that as of that time had no clear solution, hoping to make the audience aware of the problem and to leave the theater willing to become actors of social change. (Wikipedia.)

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Cuban Film


Mario Garcia Joya


Yvonne Lopez Arenal



Mayito is one the most influential photographers and cinematographers Cuba has produced. Since 1966  he has been Director of Photography in more than 90 feature-length films, including  A Cuban Struggle Against the Demons, The Last Supper,  The Survivors,  Up to a Certain Point,  With You in the Distance, Letters From The Park, and Strawberry and Chocolate, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 1995.  

In the 1950's  Garcia Joya  received a scholarship to study fine art at the San Alejandro School in Havana.  He  later worked for an advertising agency and then began vigorously photographing events during the years 1959 and 1960. Mario served as a still photographer and later cinematographer for  Tomas Gutierrez Alea.

Mario has received numerous awards for his work as a photographer and cinematographer, including the Premio Coral for Best Cinematographer, “Tiempo de Morir, "  VII Festival Internacional de Cine in Havana Cuba;  the Premio for Best Cinematographer at the Bogotá International Festival “Tiempo de Morir” 1986;  and “Alias la Gringa,” 1991;  as well as the Premio Casa de Fotografia, at Casa de Las Americas in Havana, Cuba;  the Jose Tabio Award at the First Biennial of Havana;  and the Revolution and Culture Award at the Second Biennial in Havana, among others.   In 2002  Mario  was awarded a prestigious fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial  Foundation for Photography.  In 2018   Mario was honored at  the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his  contribution to Cuban cinema with two emblematic and newly restored films: Una Pelea Cubana contra los Demonios  and  Los Sobrevivientes.


Yvonne. Lopez Arenal  was born in Havana, Cuba, ,and graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte with a Degree in Fine and Performing Arts.  She has a Masters or Science and Education from Nova Southeastern University (Florida) and a Master of Arts in Spanish Literature from Florida International University (FIU.  She is currently studying for her Phd in the Philosophy of the Arts at FIU. In Cuba, she was a student of the renowned Raquel Revuelta, and became a part of the “Teatro Estudio” group in Havana.

From 1978 to 1992 Yvonne performed the leading roles in more than 20 Cuban and classical plays. She also played leading roles in Cuban feature films "Letters from the Park," directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and written by Gabriel García Márquez; "Crin de Venus," directed by Diego Arché, and "La Victoria," directed by Tomas Piard. Yvonne held lead roles in four mini-series for Cuban TV  "De tu sueño mi sueño," "Capitan Rolando", "Dia y Noche" and "Cosas de Muchachos,  a lead role in the Spain's mini series "Amores Dificiles" and Telemundo's mini- series "Placas", as a guest star. After coming to the United States, she played the leading role in "It Happened in Havana" by Raúl de Cárdenas, Teatro Havana Fama (Los Angeles, California.)  In 1994 she directed  " Requiem por Yarini," by Carlos Felipe at the Los Angeles Theater Center, (L.A); the monologue "De Pelicula" by Carlos Felipe,  La Cofradia de Torrance, (L.A); and in 1998 she held the lead role and produced "El Super" de Ivan Acosta, and also her play  "Gaviotas Habaneras" in 2002.

In 1999 she directed an experimental theater staging in "Tula the Pilgrim" by Raúl de Cárdenas. In 2002 she directed, produced, wrote and had the lead role "Seagulls from Havana" at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. She also played the role of Alicia in "El Hombre Inmaculado" by Ramon Ferreira for the Teatro  In Los Angeles, California.  1998 she played the lead role in the "The Emerald Cut". In Miami she played co protagonist role a film directed by Arturo Barquet and Dos veces Ana a film directed by Sergio Giral.

Yvonne  won the national prize  for best actress from the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Cultura, for 1980, 1982 and 1984. In 1989 she was awarded a special mention in the  Concurso Estudios Martianos by the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba;  She was also the recipient of the Vision Foundation Award for Creative Contribution to Los Angeles as an actress and director, and the Cuban American Cultural Festival Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and in New York her play “La Noche de Eva was awarded with Outstanding Achievement Visiting Play of Hispanic Organization of Latin Actor (HOLA).

In the United States, she has been Programming Director and Secretary of the Cuban American Cultural Institute since 1996, as well as the Director of the Teatro Avellaneda's Theater Group. She has also been the general director of Akuara Teatro (2011-2016).  She has performed in numerous plays, including the leading role "Magda" in the play "Nevada" in October 2012 by Abel González Melo, directed by Alberto Sarraín and produced by Akuara Teatro. In 2017 she played a leading role in “La Noche de las Tríbadas” by the renowned Swedish playwright Per Olov Enquist. 

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Los Sobrevivientes will screen on October 21, 2018.